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Garella Law is a full-service, client-centered law firm based in Charlotte, NC practicing nationwide. We handle a variety of cases all depending on our clients' needs. Practice areas include Business Litigation, Employment Litigation, Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Appeals and more.

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Business Litigation

Garella Law provides individuals, entrepreneurs and business of all sizes with powerful legal representation and an unmatched level of personal service. Whether you are faced with a commercial, contractual, or personal dispute, our lawyers are equipped to handle almost any business related dispute at the state and federal level.

Railroad Litigation

We represent railroad workers who have been subject to harassment, retaliation, unlawful workplace discipline, or who have been injured on the job. We routinely handle cases in courts throughout the country for members of all crafts and have a proven track record of successful results when it matters most.


Just because the old adage “life isn’t fair” may often ring true, you are always entitled to fair treatment and equal pay in the workplace. Unfortunately, some employers attempt to bypass, or seemingly ignore, state and federal regulations promulgated to protect employee rights. We help individuals who have been a target of discriminatory practice, been denied family medical leave, or otherwise treated unfairly.


At the end of trial, the case is not always over and our appeals lawyers are here to help. In virtually every situation, you have the right to seek an appeal from the final disposition of a trial court. We handle appeals in both civil and criminal cases whether or not we represented you at trial.

Civil Litigation

Garella Law represents both plaintiffs and defendants involved with civil disputes in state or federal court. By providing sound counsel and powerful advocacy, we are able to achieve effective results in cases ranging from personal injury actions to complex business disputes. We take a head-on approach to representation and understand that effective advocacy begins long before a case goes to trial.



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When you are faced with a legal matter, it is important to secure the representation of an attorney who you can trust and rely on. Garella Law provides individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes with powerful legal representation and an unmatched level of personal service.

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